Each tier of our wedding cakes are a minimum of 4 layers, with fillings of your choosing in between each layer. Some of the most popular flavors of wedding cakes are:

Wedding Almond

Sparkling pink champagne infused into our moist white sponge cake and minced fresh strawberries.

Lemon Drop

Strawberry Vanilla with fresh strawberries baked into the cake and in the buttercream.

Strawberry Champagne

Triple Chocolate with any filling- Chocolate Ganach, Vodka Raspberry, or even Oreo Crumbles.

Cupcake Tower

Red Velvet, Strawberry Pink Champagne. Key Lime, German Chocolate, Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Salted Caramel are also very popular.

Wedding cakes, grooms cakes, specialty cakes and tier cakes generally require a consultation to discuss your expectations, wishes, guest needs and budget. If you are out of town, and wish to correspond by email, skype or phone…we ask that you send us an email to sales@ohsnapcupcakes to start! We love our long distance brides and will do everything we can to make your cake selection experience enjoyable and stress free. Feel free to call us or email: (850) 466-3363

Our Flavors

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Decadent coffee flavored chocolate cake filled with a coffee/chocolate pudding, topped with a caramel buttercream and caramel drizzle.

Our Classic Lemon cake with a surprise inside! Fresh raspberries baked into the center, our vanilla buttercream frosting to finish with a delicious lemon drizzle and fresh raspberry on top!

Our top seller! We take a beloved Southern classic, and make it even better— smoother, moister, redder, more velvety! A deep red chocolate cake perfectly paired with our signature cream cheese frosting and capped with festive red sprinkles.

Chocolate cake with peanut butter chips baked in, topped with our decadent peanut butter frosting that has Reese’s© folded in!

Moist sweet potato cake, filled with maple mascarpone, topped with a toasted meringue frosting and caramel drizzle. (Seasonal)

This delightful little pick me up will get you going! Moist vanilla cake flavored with espresso, frosted with a decadent mascarpone icing, topped with a sprinkling of cocoa and a lady finger. (Special Order Minimum 4)

Exotic, yet approachable. A classic vanilla cake with our signature cream cheese frosting, finished with an outrageous coating of fragrant freshly toasted coconut. Even the coconut-averse love this one!

Here’s one for the chocolate addicts, I mean lovers, out there. Here’s our recipe: An unbelievably moist and delicious chocolate cake. A generous helping of rich chocolate buttercream frosting and even MORE chocolate on top!

Our delicious chocolate cake, topped with a healthy amount of chocolate buttercream, rolled in crushed malt balls with one perched on top!

Moist vanilla cake with a generous amount of cinnamon streusel baked inside and on top! It’s then drizzled with a sweet frosting. This one pairs great with a cup of coffee!

With just a hint of coconut this moist vanilla cake is baked with a bit of coconut rum, then hot drizzled fresh out of the ovens with our own “Kaluah”. Topped with a “kaluah buttercream and a little toasted coconut. Moist and tantalizing, this one will take you to the beach and back!

The perfect warm-up for fall’s crisp weather and football season! Fresh apples, fire whiskey and a hint of cinnamon all in one great vanilla cupcake. Perfect for tailgating!

Our signature rich chocolate cake, with a dollop of cream in the center and topped off with a generous helping of fudge frosting. This one will make you Holla!

Moist sweet potato cake, filled with maple mascarpone, topped with a toasted meringue frosting and caramel drizzle. (Seasonal)

This classic favorite will make you want to call home to Grandma! Delicious banana flavored cupcake, iced with a southern banana pudding frosting. You’ll even find a vanilla wafer hiding somewhere inside.

White Chocolate meets Raspberry and falls helplessly in love! Starts as our vanilla cake, then fresh raspberries and white chocolate chips are baked in! We have created a decadent white chocolate frosting for this shop favorite and it’s finished with raspberry drizzle and a fresh raspberry.

Sparkling pink champagne infused into our moist white sponge cake and minced fresh strawberries. This beauty is topped with a sparkling pink champagne frosting and pearls.

Delectably Sweet! Old School Hand Crushed Butterfinger© bits baked into our vanilla cupcake, then topped with our P-Nut Butter and Chocolate Buttercream, and more Butterfinger© Bits!

Our rich chocolate cake, made even better! Impossible, you say? Well, we do it by baking cream cheese and milk chocolate morsels inside! If that’s not enough to get you drooling, we then top it off with our signature cream cheese frosting, and add more milk chocolate right on top. Here, Spot!

Our moist vanilla cake with crushed candy corn M&Ms baked in frosted with white chocolate icing, candy corn drizzle and finished with a festive candy corn! (Available October)

Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and a little brown sugar surround this earthy goodness of carrot in this delicious cake. Great with nothing other than a little pat of butter—this cupcake is finished off with our cream cheese frosting, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a cute carrot perched on top!)

Our chocolate cake just got even better! Chocolate mint pieces were baked into this yummy creation, and it’s frosted with a mint frosting that has mint pieces folded in with an Andes perched on top!

This rich chocolate cake has been caught having a cold one! It’s topped with a Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting….some of us even get heavy handed! (Special Order Minimum 4)

Classic chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, topped with fresh seasonal fruit.

Taste of the islands in every bite! Lime infused white cake, with more lime Buttercream frosting—and a sprinkle of lime zest on top!

They say every sweet has its sour, and our Lemon Drop proves it. Tangy Lemon cake punched up with a shot of homemade lemon filling, and topped with our signature cream cheese frosting. It’s then finished with a lemon drizzle and fresh lemon zest. There’s lemon-y goodness in every bite.

Two delicious fruit flavors meet in a moist vanilla cupcake. The result? A heavenly duo. Vanilla cake baked with fresh blueberries, topped with our signature cream cheese frosting, tangy homemade lemon drizzle, and more blueberries!

Our seasonal amazing apple cake infused with chunks of fresh cut apples and brown sugar. Filled with apple pie filling, topped with caramel buttercream and cinnamon streusel crunch.

It’s a party in a cupcake! Vanilla cake with colorful candy sprinkles baked inside, iced with a festively colored buttercream frosting, and more sprinkles on top. Sure to put a smile on your face… and in your mouth!

Our signature German Chocolate cake, topped with our own rich German Chocolate Drizzle and pecans!

Orange chocolate cake filled with a rich Grand Marnier chocolate pudding and topped with a fresh orange zest infused vanilla buttercream. (Special Order Minimum 4)

Sweet and Feisty! Tingle your taste buds with our rich chocolate cake infused with coffee and a hint of cayenne pepper and cinnamon—topped with our signature Hot Mamma frosting, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and chocolate bits.

: A little bird told me that this cupcake can’t be beat! The Hummingbird is our Snappy twist on a Southern classic. A pineapple-banana cake with a tropical filling, and topped with our signature cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut and a maraschino cherry. You’ll hum with delight!

Be adventurous! Dive into our super-moist brown sugar cake, topped with buttercream caramel frosting and made even more Jerry-licious with popcorn, caramel drizzle, and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. This guy is for the intrepid cupcake connoisseur.

This unique vanilla cupcake infused with maple syrup and applewood smoked bacon, iced with vanilla buttercream, drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with MORE bacon puts breakfast right in your hand! (Special Order Minimum 4)

Cupcake meets a childhood favorite! Our signature Chocolate Cake, topped with a generous helping of chunky Oreo© Buttercream, then surrounded with crushed Oreo’s©. Got milk?

Moist vanilla cake, filled with strawberry jam, iced with rich peanut butter frosting and even more jam on top!

Oh Snap! We created our own version! Pineapple cake and Brown Sugar…topped with our signature Buttercream frosting and Pineapple Drizzle.

Our rich pumpkin spice cake filled with the aromas of fall! Iced with our smooth cream cheese frosting. Topped with cinnamon and a sweet sugar pumpkin. (Seasonal)

Chocolate cake filled with marshmallow fluff, frosted with a toasted meringue frosting, graham cracker crumbs and a Hershey piece.

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Our wedding cakes are the taste of style & class.

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